Professional Ramen (EN)

Ramen originated in China, but after development and improvement, it is very popular in Japan. People think that ramen is authentic Japanese cuisine, because now, professional restaurants like ramen.

Rice and curry are becoming more and more popular because they are suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and Management is not as complicated as opening a comprehensive Japanese restaurant.

V School provides professional ramen courses to meet the needs of entrepreneurs who want to open ramen shops. Or.

Chefs want to learn more to improve the skills of Thai people. This is a basic course that provides professional cooks’ recipes and skills.


 1. Learners can know and choose the raw materials for making ramen.

2. Learn how to cook four basic soups: thick soup, soy sauce soup, miso soup and salt soup, as well as the ingredients of ramen noodles on the hot menu. And it can be cool.

3. Students can learn the basic formula so that they can improve their own formula in the future.

4. Students can apply knowledge and recipes to restaurant business.

Course Details

Participants will take the following courses:

-Make thick soup. Boil the real soup for at least 8 hours.

-Pork production and pork chops

-Prepare fried and non-fried pork

-Technology of boiled and salted eggs (Ajitama)

-Buta Kakuni (Japanese stewed pork)

-Bamboo shoot production (menma)

-Soy sauce fermentation

-Making miso head (unique miso seasoning)

-Vegetable soup and salt soup

-Introduce the key ingredients and side dishes supplied by ramen shop

*** It is recommended to buy raw materials, such as fresh ramen noodles.

*** We don’t teach you how to make noodles, but we suggest where you buy fresh ramen.

Teaching techniques for making Chashu Pork and Buta Kakuni

Shashabu pork and Buta Kakuni’s recipes are the secret recipes cherished by every cook. It is not easy to get recipes, but V School also provides hidden teaching for participants to use in their career.

And we can develop our own unique formula in the future.

Teach 4 kinds of soup cooking skills

The core of ramen is soup. If the soup is delicious and mellow, each bowl of ramen is delicious from the first to the last. V school must teach technology. Mix various ingredients and cook soup by extracting flavor from actual ingredients.

Do not use monosodium glutamate, but take it out of boiling and stewing for at least 8 hours.

Teach you how to make ramen:

1) Hiyashi Chuka ramen, the cold ramen that Japanese like in summer

2) Tonkotsu ramen mud

3) Shoyu ramen with Japanese soy sauce

4) Miso ramen with Japanese soy sauce

5) Shio ramen with salt soup

6) Buta Kakuni ramen with soy sauce boiled pork ramen

7) Tandanmen spicy minced pork ramen

8) Wandan Ramen Dumplings

9)Zaru Ramen

From THB 19000, promotion=THB 17000 net

The price includes…

-Food ingredients


-Certificate (issued by V School)

-Mobile app for reviewing lessons in image and video format.

Course duration

12-hour course, 2 days, 9:00-16:00 (lunch break)

Note: If there are less than 3 students in each course, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel the course. 9 people/course

If you wish to postpone classes, please notify the school at least 3 working days in advance (excluding weekends). 2000 Baht/person (excluding lobster and salmon courses, one week in advance or 4000 Baht/person)

If you do not report to us, we reserve the right to return the deposit.