Gyoza (EN)

 The V School has opened up a course dedicated to making gyozas from scratch as well as making the sauces. The course both practical and theory together makes 2 sessions of 3 hours, 6 hours in total all in a day.

Course detail

Gyoza wrappers

  • Pork gyoza
  • Chicken gyoza
  • Vegetable gyoza
  • Gyoza sauce
  • Spicy gyoza sauce
  • chili oil
  • Panfried gyoza
  • Crispy gyoza


Duration : 2 sessions (6 hrs.) 

Course fee : Normal price – 9,000 baht / person.
PROMOTION PRICE : 7,500 baht / person

                                         This price included…

                                                   – Cooking ingredients

                                                   – Cook book/Handout  

                                                   – Mobile Application with Photo review & Video review

                                                   – Certificate by The V School 

Remark : The class will be cancelled if the number of participants are less than 3 persons per class but not over than 9 persons per class. 

Cancelling or Postponing : 1 week in advance (Only weekdays) or pay for a fine 2,000-4,000 baht / person

No show : No refund