Intensive Sushi Training Course (EN)

Basic Sushi Making Course and Basic Fish Filleting Course It is a course that involves all the knowledge and skills a sushi chef needs.

This course is suitable for chefs, sushi chefs, general people who want to run a sushi restaurant business, and those who are interested in Japanese food  

By emphasizing both theory and practice because sushi is like an art. In the past. It may take as long as six or eight years to be a sushi chef

Not only knowing how to do it and the recipe alone can make delicious and beautiful sushi.

แHowever, sushi chefs must master many other skills, such as cutting sashimi, cooking rice, and making exquisite dishes. Every move of sushi must be smooth and elegant.

Therefore, in this course, students must learn how to choose ingredients, how to maintain sushi knives and other equipment, and how to cook sushi rice. Make a variety of basic sushi, including traditional Japanese and European styles.

as well as fusion sushi adapting to different types of food Let’s make sushi a novelty. All students need to do everything by themselves.

Rice is the core of sushi production. V School Chef will teach you how to pickle rice, cook rice and make delicious sushi orange juice.

In addition, it also introduces the principle of selecting fresh ingredients. To get the best ingredients for making sushi and sashimi.

Teaching the principles of holding knives Techniques for cutting fish and squid

Teaching how to arrange, how to arrange a beautiful plate

Course Details

-Sushi common sense, history and vocabulary

-Sushi ingredients and ingredients selection

-Learn how to maintain, select and use sushi equipment.

-How to maintain sushi knives and sharpening knives

-Sushi rice cooking

-Sushi rice vinegar production

-Sushi ingredients

-Shrimp Sushi Ebi

-Boiled mushroom

-Making sweet eggs Tamakoyaki


-Hoso Maki Sushi

 -Futo Maki Sushi

-Uramaki Sushi

-Gunkan Sushi

-Temaki Sushi

-Nigiri Sushi

 -Focusing on sushi making, handmade, authentic Japanese style, fast and beautiful.

-Learn traditional sushi and European sushi

-Caterpillar Roll

-Rain Bow Roll

-Technology of making sashimi from whole fish

-Cut fish for sashimi and sushi

-Techniques for making sashimi and sushi

-Cut squid for sashimi and sushi

-Tableware arrangement

-Chop radish and sashimi

-Decorate dishes with various vegetables (Japanese carving)

This course will teach you how to take fish from the whole fish, starting with hard sea bass. Lay a foundation before learning how to cut soft fish (you need to register in the salmon cutting course) or tuna.

Teach you how to cut thin fish, such as Usuzukuri sashimi and Ponzu sauce.

In addition to cutting fish, we also teach how to sharpen knives.


From THB 19000, promotion to THB 17000 net

The price includes…

-Food ingredients


-Certificate (issued by V School)

-Mobile app for reviewing lessons in image and video format.

Course duration

12-hour course, 2 days, 9:00-16:00 (lunch break)

Note: If there are less than 3 students in each course, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel the course. 9 people/course

If you wish to postpone classes, please notify the school at least 3 working days in advance (excluding weekends). 2000 Baht/person (excluding lobster and salmon courses, one week in advance or 4000 Baht/person)

If you do not report to us, we reserve the right to return the deposit.