Yakiniku (EN)

The word Yaki means grilled, Niku means meat, so Yakiniku means grilled meat in Japanese.
Yakiniku is considered a party food. Every party

It is also a regular food after work for Japanese people. Suitable for eating with beer.

With easy preparation And it’s also easy to eat. Make it an indispensable menu in the restaurant. The secret lies in making sauces and dipping sauces; each restaurant has its own secrets.

For this course, we will talk about techniques for marinating meat, marinades, and dipping sauces.


  1. Course for those who want to open a Japanese-style grill restaurant (Yakiniku).
  2. Learners will know how to select ingredients that are used in the store.
  3. Students receive standardized formulas. and actually put into practice

Course Structure

practice, 6 hours (3 hours per session * 2 sessions)

Course Details

– Selecting beef raw materials and slicing the meat using a machine

– Main menu of Yakiniku

  1. Yakiniku Tare (Yakiniku dipping sauce) and meat marinade)
  2. Seafood Sauce seafood sauce
  3. Miso meat marinade
  4. Meat marinade, black pepper
Yakiniku Tare
Seafood Sauce
Miso Marinade sauce
Black Pepper sauce

Side Dish                                                                                      

Spicy Beef Salad
Wasabi Salad dressing
Sesame Salad

Extra Menu

Garlic fried-rice

Course Duration

6 hours course, 1 full day from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (with lunch break)

Registration Fee                                                               

normal 11,000 baht, promotion = net 9,900 baht

This price included…

  • Cost of raw materials and equipment
  • Study books
  • Certificate (issued by The V School)
  • Mobile Application for reviewing studies in the form of images and videos.

*This price does not include Apron and hat valued at 250 baht


  1. The minimum to open a course is 3 students or more, with a maximum of not more than 10 people per course. In the case that the number of students does not reach The institute will call to inform you at least 3-5 days before the course postponement. and will be postponed to the next round
  2. In case you want to cancel The institute reserves the right. No refunds under any circumstances. But customers can change to other courses, both live courses at the institute and online courses. at the same value If the value is greater, pay the remaining difference.
  3. In the case that the value of the purchased course is less than 10,000 baht, there will be an additional apron and hat cost of 250 baht per set. But if the course purchased is higher than 10,000 baht, there will be 1 set of apron and hat free (only for new students). Students must bring Aprons and apron hats must be brought with you at all times until graduation.

Note: In the case that the customer wishes to postpone the class date. Please notify the school at least 3 days in advance. If later than that, there will be a fine of 2,000 baht / person (except for the Lobster and Salmon courses, inform 1 week in advance or a fine of 4,000 baht / person). As reserved, the school reserves the right to return the deposit.

If the registered course is postponed suddenly more than 3 times without notifying the school in advance. We reserve the right to not allow students to attend classes and reserve the right not to issue a certificate to that registrant.

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