Fusion Sushi (EN)

 Japanese food is very popular in Thailand. Sushi represents a significant part out of all types of food in Japan. 

The famous art of Sushi making consists of fish, seafood or tamago positioning on the rice and many more. 

Having been trained in Fusion sushi course, students will then learn about the fusion between traditional Japanese and American style. International Style Fusion Course teaches with a variety of quality ingredients. 

It also provides you with the skills in making many different kinds of sushi sauce and on how to marinate fish in an international style. 

The recipes have been made sure to be of good standard health wise and taste wise. This course is suitable for people who have already had training basic sushi making (Intensive Sushi Training Course).

Course detail

Session 1

Rising Sun/ Ceviche Roll/ Spider Roll/Vegetable Roll

Session 2

Spicy Tuna Roll/Maguro Ginger Roll/Sunset  Roll/Katsura Sushi


Duration : 2 sessions (6 hrs.) 

Course fee : Normal price – 12,000 baht / person.
PROMOTION PRICE : 9,900 baht / person

                                        This price included…

                                                   – Cooking ingredients

                                                   – Cook book/Handout  

                                                   – Mobile Application with Photo review & Video review

                                                   – Certificate by The V School 

Remark : The class will be cancelled if the number of participants are less than 3 persons per class but not over than 9 persons per class. 

Cancelling or Postponing : 1 week in advance (Only weekdays) or pay for a fine 2,000-4,000 baht / person

No show : No refund