Course In Taiwan (EN)

Cooking Course at Kai Ping Culinary School, Taipei, Taiwan

Due to the present Taiwanese food has become one of the new families of Chinese food, known as the 9th family of Chinese food. The V-school has the opportunity to work with a special project. of Asia’s top cooking school, Kai Ping Culinary School, the only school in Taiwan. Guaranteed by the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WACS), a school that produces top chefs for Taiwanese-style Chinese food. and is a consultant to leading Michelin star restaurants. Many shops that Thai people are familiar with

This institute It will only offer a 3-year long course, but in cooperation with The V School, we are joining hands. Open short course It’s a special case. For those interested in learning tips and techniques from leading institutes at this level

Chefs who graduated from Kai Ping Culinary School are successful and have won awards from many competitions. In addition, most recently in 2016, it also won a gold medal at The World Championship from the Chinese Food Olympic Competition.

Pictures from the 2017 class

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