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Popular Korean Food Course 
Korean Signature Dishes Course

Since the 20th century, Korean food has been spread and popular all over the world. and is a hot trend for Thailand at the moment Korean cuisine includes both traditional Korean dishes and dishes influenced by China and Japan. but to be modified to be their own identity therefore, it makes it an interesting dish for foodies all over the world.

The V School collects the menu that is considered as the Signature Dish of Korea to teach as follows.

Making cabbage kimchi, kimchi jike, bibimbap, jajangmyeon, bulgogi, galbi, tteokbokki, ginseng stewed chicken, etc.

The Vee School Culinary Institute therefore opened the course Top 5 Korean food sessions which are perfect for Entrepreneurs who want to add new menus to restaurants, housewives and people who are interested in making Korean food. While learning about Korean culture through cooking by this course Will introduce you to the unique ingredients of Korea, food names and translations. Authentic Korean cooking techniques.

Registration fee Korean food

Regular price 20,000 baht , promotional price = 17,000 baht net per 15-hour course.

There is a mobile application for reviewing teaching by Photo Review.

Note: We reserve the right to postpone or cancel a course in the event that the registered person is less than 4 people per 1 course.

and limited to no more than 8 students per 1 course  

Interested in a course, contact 02 939 2172 or Line: @thevschool

Korean Cooking Course, Session 1

3 hrs per session

Kimchi Chige

Chige means drenched soup.It is a popular Korean food.
It is a popular Korean food.


Korean spicy rice (cold) is the signature dish of Korea.
Korean rice salad is available both cold. And the chef will guide you on how to make it hot as well.


Korean seaweed rice rolls
It is a food that is influenced by Japan.


Korean black sauce noodles
It is a food that is influenced by China.

Korean Cooking Course, Session 2

3 hrs per session

Teaching how to make cabbage kimchi

Teach meticulously making kimchi every step of the way. actually do it yourself

Fried Chicken with Korean Chili Sauce

Fried chicken coated with special Korean chili sauce

Pajaen Scallion Pancakes

appetizer Served with special seasoning sauce

Korean Cooking Course, Session 3

3 hrs per session

Samgyetang samgyetang ginseng braised chicken

Contains mainly whole chicken and ginseng. often eaten to nourish prevent illness

Ddukbokkie (Spicy Rice Cake)

The main ingredient is rice cakes fried with red gojujang sauce.

Soondubu Jjigae (Soft Tofu Stew)

Korean spicy stew There are seafood and vegetables served with rice.

Korean Cooking Course, Session 4

3 hrs per session

Korean Barbecue Beef Another popular menu that many people like. loin portion or may use the meat Topped with Korean-style fermented soy sauce Served with vegetables, Ssamjang sauce and banchan side dishes.

Bulgogi Tutorial Bulgogi Marinade Recipe

Stir Fried Bulgogi Beef is another popular menu and widely known due to the sweet taste of the meat and the mellow Bulgogi marinade

Galbi Korean Barbecue Beef

loin or may use the beef portion Topped with Korean-style fermented soy sauce

Vegetable side dishes or Banchan are served as a side dish with meat dishes.

Spicy spinach salad (Sigeumchi namul), bean sprout salad (Sukju namul), radish salad or raw papaya. (Musaengchae) Spicy Spring Onion Salad (Pajori) 

Korean Cooking Course, Session 5

3 hrs per session

Shindangdon Tteokbokki/Ddeokbokki Korean hot pot

(Korean Hot Pot with Tteokbokki) 


(Stir-fried squid in chili sauce) 

Jab Chae

(Stir-fried Korean glass noodle)