Impressive culinary school.

Honestly it was not easy to find the right cooking school in Bangkok when your search results showed hundred of cooking schools. I decided to call around and asked a few questions, even paid visit to find out which school would be right for me.

After a visit to The V School I had the feeling my search was over and I excitedly signed up for full Japanese chef training classes.

Why did I choose The V School?
First off, office staff (Jazz & Gai) was very friendly, knowledgeable and listened to my needs.

How do I like my instructors? 
They (Golf, Oaun, Bee) definitely know what they are teaching because they have been in this industry for a very long time and recognized by most top Japanese restaurants in Thailand. Moreover The V School has produced most qualified chefs for restaurants worldwide over 20 years.

Kitchen setup

Kitchen is efficiently designed to accommodate professional and novice. Each recipe is well created and explained by hands on learning.

Highly recommended for people who are looking to change career, enhance cooking skills, restaurant owners who consider adding the most popular & the fastest growing Japanese food to their menus and housewife who wants to charm her man with exquisite culinary.